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The connection of their personality with the way they will express it is a strong link that needs to be created in this lifetime. Still, those born on the 15th of February have a more important task, and that is to embrace their instincts and find grounding through their animalistic nature. If an Aquarius as a highly human sign is so against all those matters of the rough physical realities, this is probably a very demanding task. Meditation, routine, and physical activities will help their cause, but if they hold on to any shred of fear, they will most likely feel incompetent to reach the heights they were made to jump to.

Avoidance, SCORPIO. February. 15-28, 2019 Mid Month Check-In Tarot Reading

In order to set free from existential matters that scare them, they need to give freely and understand that money doesn't define their connection to this world. February 15th is not exactly the day for romance, and although the sign of Aquarius always shows a soft side for it in certain surprising manifestations, these individuals will be highly intellectual rather that romantic. This shouldn't make them less sensitive or emotionally distant, but it is still a trait we should keep in mind.

Their love life can be distracting and at the same time divided into two different directions, with them unable to choose if they want someone they can grow old with, or just a series of fun and playful romances to keep their life colorful. In general, they are on the search for someone they can really talk to, but their instinctive side tends to pull them like a magnet towards all the "wrong" people.

BORN ON FEBRUARY 15 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday

This might lead them into two different relationships at the same time, or send them on a path of decision-making that allows no one to come close to their heart. It won't be until they embrace this inner battle and instinctive needs that they will find all their senses satisfied through one, single person in one, lasting relationship. A person born on the 15th of February has a way with words, and even if this doesn't come as their true calling, it will be a powerful asset to help them on their way. They will excel in sports and all sorts of energetic activities, many of them choosing to become a coach, a personal trainer, and someone to lead and inspire others to find grounding and care for their physical body.

However, this care for the material world usually comes only when they reach the end of their learning process, and in the meantime they will choose all sorts of intellectual activities, from writing and problem solving, to informatics, programming and engineering.

A very fine crystal for needs of those born on February 15th is cancrinite, preferably in blue, yellow and orange tones. Although they seek grounding, the form of expression of their inner true personality is the first step towards the discovery of their own abilities.

The Scorpio Child

This stone will help them achieve a peaceful way to shine. Once they open the door of self-expression, grounding will come as a natural consequence. A person born on the 15th of February will always enjoy something to read, even if it is a bottle of detergent with long instructions. Still, it would be better to choose something that will give them focus too, so go with a readable puzzle, a castle to be built piece by piece, or anything that can be glued together and touched to construct.

Their physical senses need to be satisfied through curiosity and complexity of the mind, and they will prefer practicality and interesting gifts over those that are simply posing as pretty.

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Intelligent, witty, and fast, their mind is way ahead of time and everyone else in the room. Impossible to contain, they are innovators, great thinkers, and those that find a way to bring perfection to Earth. Detached from emotion, judgmental and narrowminded.

February 15 Zodiac Sign

Too smart for their own good, prone to turn to self-destructive choices if their emotional world is neglected for too long. Aquarius - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Praise them each time they are giving with siblings and peers. Like Scorpio Bill Gates, they could learn to channel their fortunes into a good cause one day. Learning their favorites is a good idea if you want to have an easy time keeping them occupied the babies can spend hours fixating on a musical mobile above their cribs.

Note: this sign can become obsessive, so you may need to nudge them to try new things. Get the Horoscope Guide!

The moon is in Capricorn today.

The Scorpio Child. October 23 — November 21 Conception Dates for a Scorpio Baby: January February 15 Scorpio babies are quite the firecrackers, born with tons of talent, and attitude to match.

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They are particular and will friends on their own.